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Abandoned But Never Lost

In the small town of Mount Pleasant in southeast Wisconsin lived the largest family-owned country western bar, Vance's Bar, in the state hosting acts like Chubby Checker, Tammy Wynette, and Roy Orbison. After hardship and family fallout, it shut down and was left abandoned for 15 years. Until Ex-Funeral Director Corey Stephens quits his job to start his dream job, The Abandoned Haunted House Complex

As The Crow Flies

Former substance abuser, Matt Olson, needs to almost die to find out how to really live. After leaving home and joining a punk rock group, finding drugs, committing crimes, and so much more. He realized he needs to use his experience to not hurt, but help others in his place.

Motorcode- B6ZE

College Student Zach Volheim has a project. Shelly the 1991 Mazda Miata that he loves, and hates just about equally. After the car sat vacant in a yard for years, Zach came around and brought it back to life. When it isn't trying to kill him, he feels most alive when he drives.

Not Just a Plastic Toy

PEZ Dispensers, those little plastic things found in the grocery store aren't as ordinary as you think, and neither are the people that collect them. PEZ collectors bring these little plastic toys and make them so much more. They create best friends, marriage, heartache, and crime. But, that's what makes PEZ more than a plastic toy. 

Black Walnut Record Co.

Made from a 100-year-old piece of Black Walnut wood that has been living in his garage for a decade. Owen Hartmann brings new life to the dusty slab as a tribute to his late grandfather and love for music traditions.

What Goes Up, Must Come Down
Dir. Nick Leen

3 best friends take on one of Colorado's biggest peaks, Pikes Peak, but on bikes rather than foot. Scaling mountains and small ledges all with their bikes and gear on their backs. But it is worth it when they see the view and when they do what all things must when they go up, come down.

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