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Hi, I'm Evan!

My name is Evan Stephens and I am a Boulder, Colorado-based photographer. I have graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder, with a major in Media Production and a minor in Arts Practices. I have worked on several documentaries, directing most of them myself as well as all the post-production work. I have also done freelance work for companies such as Sargento Foods, Avery Brewing Company and The Ozaukee County Police Department.

I have always had an eye for video and photo. From making stop motion videos in my bedroom about stick men to hiking through the mountains with bikers and a bag full of gear on my back. It always seems to keep a smile on my face. I love to go out with my camera or hunker down in a studio to take photos and video. I love to incorporate shooting into activities that I am passionate about and telling the stories of people that may not usually be able to tell them. Everybody has a story, just not always a way to tell it, that's where I come in. 

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